Loss Prevention Services

Loss Prevention



Nautilus Loss Control is focused on mitigating or eliminating the mechanical, electrical and pressurized vessel risks to your business, whether it’s Power Generation, Aerospace, Primary Metals or any manufacturing process, including food. Site visits are used to analyze the interaction of the equipment in use, including the utility services. Risks are identified, and strategies are suggested to prevent or reduce the effect of losses. Reports are tailored to the needs of the client, but always highlight the loss potentials and the actionable items that can make a difference.

Pulp & Paper


Having spent many years visiting paper mills, and three as a corporate Property Asset Manager for Champion P&P, Mr. Jackson has deep knowledge of the process and experience with the actual losses, not only the loss potentials. Participation in TAPPI and BLRBAC has immersed him in the current science of chemical recovery and the Best Practices established in the industry to maintain reliability. Specifically, Nautilus Loss Control has developed Best Practices for Black Liquor Recovery Boilers that address hazards to the personnel, not only to the boilers. Mr. Jackson is equipped to assist you in writing a Best Practice document that reflects your experience with operating recovery boilers. Once complete, an audit program can assure that agreed upon standards are consistently applied throughout your company.


Expert Witnessing


Nautilus Loss Control has provided expertise and support during litigation of lawsuits involving mechanical and electrical equipment and, boilers and pressure vessels. Mr. Jackson brings his experience as a National Board Commissioned Authorized Inspector, a loss prevention engineer and a marine engineer to bear on the issues. The goal is to illuminate the facts in any incident, put them in context and and make them accessible to the attorneys. 

Other Services

Power Generation


From coal-fired boilers to combustion turbines in simple and combined cycle plants to wind generation, Nautilus Loss Control can do an assessment that accurately reflects the inherent risks. Over 30 years’ experience in the operation, maintenance, construction, inspection and HPR risk management at industrial sites, equips Nautilus Loss Control with the knowledge to guide cost-effective loss prevention. The goal is always to reduce costs and increase equipment availability. 

Boiler Inspection


As a former Authorized Inspector, Mr. Jackson is familiar with the construction, maintenance and operation of boilers. From small firetube boilers to heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs) to black liquor recovery boilers (BLRBs), Mr. Jackson has examined the internal and external structures, producing reports that clearly and succinctly describe the current condition. Punch lists and recommendations are made at every step of the inspection to alert the owners about matters that may need immediate attention. The goal is a reliable operation until the next planned outage and beyond.

Change Management

Management of Change is a must for any business serious about loss prevention.  Mr. Jackson can help you design and adopt a Management of Change procedure that is tailored to your workspace.

Third-party Review


Sometimes project planning requires multiple perspectives to reveal the critical path forward. By reviewing inspection reports from manufacturers, insurers, nondestructive testing experts and owner’s experts Mr. Jackson can offer a comprehensive picture of current conditions and highlight questions that need to be addressed before committing to a repair versus a new construction. This is a cost-effective way to make sure that no one’s tunnel vision has masked a problem. Sensible solutions can be decided upon ahead of time if problems are identified early.




Mr. Jackson has taught basic boiler operation at Bates Community College, Tacoma, Washington. He has also presented Best Practices for the operation of boilers, pressure vessels, electrical and mechanical equipment operation and maintenance to user groups and industry support conferences. Boiler & Machinery Loss Prevention can be brought to your facility, so your people understand the relationship between the operation and maintenance, for which they are responsible, and the risk control practices necessary for a healthy business plan.

Process Safety Management (PSM)


Covered processes with threshold levels of hazardous substances are subject to PSM and RMP. As a corporate loss prevention manager, Mr. Jackson was trained and participated PSM/RMP audits at pulp & paper locations. Nautilus Loss Control could fill out your audit team when an “extra hand” is needed.